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Shaping Canada's top cybersecurity talent

Cyber Connexion partners with leading organizations to understand unique talent needs, then curates introductions to a pool of pre-vetted, hireable cybersecurity professionals.
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Why partner with us 

New way of hiring

Hire candidates that meet or exceed your recruitment targets. We help you find skilled cybersecurity professionals efficiently and confidently.

Industry-tailored training

We design our training in consultation with your business to ensure learning outcomes reflect the skills you need.

Benefit from short cycles

We prepare up-and-coming talent with the skills and support they need to feel confident and career-ready in as little as eight weeks.

Nimble advantage

Our size allows us to quickly adapt our curriculum to get ahead of industry trends and reflect market shifts.

More opportunities 

Become a mentor

Participate in our training sessions as an industry expert or a thought leader. Help empower our students by sharing your work experience in cybersecurity.

Tap into our networking events

Join us for quarterly networking events where you can meet our talented graduates and explore hiring opportunities.

New grad career competencies and skill translation

Defensive Security

Securing Networks

Cloud Security

Zero Trust Security

Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing

Risk Management

Identity Access Management

Business Skills

I witnessed first-hand the caliber of talent that resulted from the Fields Institute program. The program’s ability to qualify new talent and connect candidates that have the right foundational skills and experience to employers particularly impressed me. I believe that the Fields Institute approach and program is unique, results-oriented and urgently needed by more companies across Canada.
Karen Nemani
Ontario Affiliate President, Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS)
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