Here’s What Makes You a Great Candidate

Our program is designed to help you gain the practical experience, and build the technical foundation and critical soft skills you need to pursue a career in cybersecurity. To be considered for the program, you should meet one of the following criteria.


Pursued formal training in a STEM-related field of study, including a diploma, degree or certification in a technical field.

Work Experience

Held relevant technical roles in: IT, engineering, military or in a related industry.

Personal Hobbies

or Interests

Hackathon challenges

Home network set-up

Attended cybersecurity education sessions

Self-guided coding courses

Assessment, Application & Eligibility

Due to the competitive nature of the program we are unable to accept every applicant.
To be eligible for this program you must have:

Interest in a Cybersecurity Career

You are actively seeking to join the Canadian workforce in the cybersecurity space.

English Language Proficiency

You must be fluent in spoken and written English.

Interpersonal Skills

Cyber Connexion prioritizes candidates that exhibit exceptional teamwork, listening and problem-solving skills. A strong command of Canadian workplace culture and a high degree of professionalism are key strengths.

Relevant Background

Eligible to work in Canada (citizen, permanent resident, active working permit of another kind).

You have experience or knowledge in computer networking, programming or the necessary background concepts gained through comprehensive STEM courses. If you do not have formal education or work experience in these subject areas, please demonstrate your level of interest in your application.


You must be available to join real-time online sessions for the duration of the program, and complete assignments and project work for an additional 8 hours per week.

Pre-application considerations

What technical concepts do you need to know?

If you have not previously enrolled in STEM-based courses, please complete the modules as part of your application.

It is also important to reflect on your experience, skills and interests. To ensure our course aligns with career aspirations, we encourage you to perform the following self-assesment. 


TryHackMe content is guided with interactive hands-on lab exercises based on real-world scenarios, from hacking machines to investigating attacks.

All the modules listed below are free to use. 



“Learning Cybersecurity” module on TryHackMe.

Time limit: 15 minutes


Network Fundamentals

“What is Networking?” module on TryHackMe.

Time limit: 30 minutes


Windows Fundamentals

“Windows Fundamental Part 1” module.

Time limit: 30 minutes


How the Web Works

A recommended and optional module: “Complete DNS in Detail” on TryHackMe.

Time limit: N/A


Linux Fundamentals

A recommended and optional module: “Linux Fundamentals Part 1” on TryHackMe.

Time limit: N/A


Get ready to apply

What is the Application Process?

The online application is simple and should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.
Step 1

If you meet the above criteria and have your assessment screenshots ready to upload, it’s time to apply. You will be asked for your CV, LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. Take a moment to update these profiles before applying.

You will need to submit a Letter of Intent expressing your interest in cybersecurity and in our program.  Remember to treat this application as you would treat a job application.

Step 2

The first part of the application requires you to fill in your contact details. Include your name, email address, postal code and phone number and we’ll keep you up-to-date with upcoming programs and information sessions.

Step 3

Complete the full application and show us why you’re a good fit for our program! 

Be sure to include a detailed mission statement of why you are interested in Cyber Connexion and how the program will support your career goals. Workplace readiness is also part of our evaluation process, so please make sure your writing is free of grammatical errors and misspelled words.

Step 4

We will schedule a 30-minute interview with one of our Program Leads. You will be asked to elaborate on your motivation for pursuing a career in cybersecurity, as well as your overall career goals. You will also be asked to discuss your current technical skills and experience. You should treat this interview as you would a job interview, including wearing formal work attire and paying close attention to your communication style.

Step 5

Your application process is complete! 

A member of our Program Team will be in touch within a few days to let you know the status of your application. Class sizes are limited, and as such, only a small percentage of applicants are accepted into our program. If accepted, you’ll be notified by email and sent your payment options. If your application is not accepted, we welcome you to reapply in the future.

Ready To Start Your Cybersecurity Career?