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In the pursuit of fostering a diverse and skilled Canadian cohort of cybersecurity professionals, we are thrilled to share a number of financial initiatives designed to ease the path for aspiring professionals aiming to enroll into Cyber Connexion's cybersecurity training program. 

Recognizing the financial barriers that can hinder access to our program, these opportunities aim to overall make cybersecurity training more accessible and inclusive.
A partner of Cyber Connexion - Scotiabank
We are pleased to now offer financing options in partnership with Scotiabank for students who require assistance to cover some or all of their program fees. 

Domestic students who are enrolled in the Cyber Connexion cybersecurity training program will not need to have an income nor need to provide income and employment verification (assuming they maintain a good credit and do not exceed Scotiabank's indebtedness maximums).

Students may apply through Scotiabank branches to submit their applications for a ScotiaLine Personal Line of Credit for Students. If you are an International Student seeking financial aid towards our program, please contact us directly at
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In an effort to grow diversity and inclusion in the dynamic landscape of cybersecurity, we at Cyber Connexion are thrilled to announce 35 new scholarships aimed towards providing individuals that are neurodiverse, LGBTQ+, mobility disadvantaged, military, black, LatinX/Hispanic, Indigenous, and Native American, the opportunity to participate in our cybersecurity training program at a lower financial cost. We are currently accepting applications Canada wide. 

As such, these scholarships will aid in addressing key diversity gaps in Canada’s booming cybersecurity industry and will be available to participants interested in either our part-time (12-week) program starting December 12th or our full-time (8-week) program starting February 5th, 2024.

A $500 commitment fee is due upon approval.
Scholarship Application

Alumni Referral Program

As the success stories of our alumni continue to resonate across the industry, we recognize the invaluable role they play in shaping the narrative of our program. As such, Cyber Connexion would like to provide the opportunity to give back to our illustrious alumni through our referral program.

By participating in this program, our alumni not only contribute to the growth of our community but will also receive a direct benefit to themselves and their referral.
Alumni Referral Details
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