Industry Demo Day & Graduate Presentation


Cyber Connexion is proud to present on the culmination of our graduates' efforts and learning through our Industry Demo Day. Join us as we celebrate not only our program, but our alumni and students' achievements towards an exciting and prosperous future in the cybersecurity sector.

RSVP now for this momentous date as our students showcase their cloud based Capstone Projects constructed within an AWS environment.
Demo Day Agenda

Meet our Graduates

Through cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on experience with industry level software, Cyber Connexion aims to provide every graduate of our program a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

As such, our graduates are now equipped with the skills to tackle diverse cyber threats. From identifying vulnerabilities to privileged access management, their proficiency spans across network security, cloud security, incident response, computer networking, and risk management.

Equipped with these skills, we invite our industry partners and leaders to explore the potential of our cybersecurity graduates.
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